Mission Partners 2019 - 2021   

As a Church we have undertaken to distribute 10% of our total income.  We divide this outward giving into Core Projects and Smaller Causes. The Core Projects will receive at least £2500 a year for 3 years and the smaller causes receive £500 a year also for 3 years.


Core Projects

There are 5 core projects, all Christian and each with a strong advocate within the congregation. Some projects have had previous support, some are new this year.

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Ram Prasad Shrestha, National Mission Commission of Nepal – (Church Mission Society)
Holy Trinity’s links with Ram go back a number of years & the link was first made when he was a Timothy Partner with the Church Mission Society. The decision made is to continue supporting Ram & the Christian Mission he leads in Nepal (a strongly Hindu Country) as & when CMS cease to support.   

Diocese of Lake Rukwa Tanazania

Bishop Mathayo continues to lead this diocese in the west of Tanzania, it has seen much growth but is still a fledgling diocese with a great deal of work still to be achieved. The opening of the Cathedral was attended by Ruth Deeth and Holy Trinity sent a cross made by Jenny Ruth Workshops. (online search will bring up further information on the Diocese).

Artizan International
Craftaid International
Establishing craft-based social enterprises in the developing world, to provide training & employment for differently-abled people, who would otherwise be living in poverty and social isolation. Their aim is to change attitudes towards disability within the local community. They are currently planting projects through two church groups in Peru and Ecuador, based on the Neema Crafts Centre model in Tanzania.

Operation Mobilisation
Operation Mobilisation is a global movement with a vision to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached.  Working in over 100 countries, and on board the ship Logos Hope, OM’s people create access to the Gospel and show God’s love through relief and development programmes and by advocating for justice for the oppressed.

Holy Trinity Ripon partners with OM’s International Disaster Response team (www.om.org/IDR), which provides support to OM’s local teams around the world in the event of a disaster. In recent years OM has responded to earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, and refugee crises. A core team of responders are ready to deploy internationally at short notice, providing quick and appropriate advice on the ground to allow the local team to organise a response. A wider network of trained volunteers and staff provides surge capacity, where local teams lack sufficient personnel.

The International Disaster Response team exists to show God’s love and shine the light of Jesus in the darkest situations.

YMCA Ripon
YMCA Ripon

YMCA Ripon is a local independent charity founded on Christian values. The name stands for Young Men’s Christian Association, although it works with all young people. It primarily provides accommodation and support for homeless or vulnerable young people between the ages of 16-35. Helping them to find meaningful employment, develop living skills and move from dependence to independence. “Ripon YMCA helped me to positively start a new chapter in my life”

Smaller Causes

These aren't necessarily Christian although there will be some link to the Church.
As with the core projects, some have been supported before, however the majority are new this year.
The causes supported for the next 3 years are as follows

Ripon and Rural Voluntary Driving Service
The Ripon and Rural Voluntary Car Driving service provides door-to-door transport for non-urgent trips. They help local people without access to their own transport and unable to use public transport due to mobility, disability or location to make journeys to: - Appointments - hospital, GP, dental, optical and podiatry - Day centres and lunch clubs - Shops, bank, post office and other essential trips.

Jennyruth Workshops
Founded in memory of Jenny Ruth Evason, a craft workshop based at Bridge Hewick to teach craft skills and to provide meaningful employment for people with learning disabilities. The Evason family are members of our congregation at Holy Trinity.

Ripon Community Link (incl. The Walled Garden)
Garden centre and cafe supporting people with disabilities through gardening, art and catering skills. No website at the moment but a Facebook page

Christians Against Poverty
Debt Counselling Organisation based in Bradford but the service is run through local churches helping people to overcome financial difficulties.

Retreats Ministry Cyprus
Maggie Le-Roy of 'Retreats Ministry' runs courses and retreats in the Middle East for evangelism and to deepen Christians relationship with God. Maggie is based in Cyprus and is self supporting. Working across the Diocese of Cyprus & the Gulf. She has spoken of her ministry and worshipped with us at Holy Trinity several times.
Kajo Keji Theological College South Sudan
KKCCKajo-Keji Christian College trains South Sudanese pastors, teachers and evangelists (plus other courses in a Christian context) in a culture where educational opportunities are severely limited, aiming to "build up the body of Christ".  
Cathie and John Rutter worked there as CMS Mission Partners for 2 years, 2017-2018.  Temporarily in exile (for the second time) in Northern Uganda since January 2017, the College hopes to return to South Sudan in 2021.  
South Sudan is one of the most deprived countries in the world, wracked by civil war, tribal disunity, poverty, famine, flood.  The College seeks to preach reconciliation and healing for a traumatised refugee community, reaching out to all with the love of Christ.  (Photo - Principal Rev Lule James Kenyi and his wife Maria)

Living Hope Cape Town South Africa
A Christian non-profit organisation whose vision is to reach people for Christ, bringing hope and breaking the despair of poverty and disease. Living Hope undertakes community development through educational, social, income generation, and health related programmes; and plays a vital role in the prevention, care and treatment of people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses.

An organisation based in Wetherby that works with young offenders being released from custodial sentences & assists them as they settle back into society allowing them to realise their potential.

Scripture Union
This organisation invites children and young people to explore the difference Jesus can make to the challenges and adventures of life. Working through schools, churches and sport Founded in 1867 Scripture Union is now a global movement active in over 120 countries.

Wellspring therapy and Training
Wellspring is a Christian counselling and training centre working to restore hope, develop resilience and facilitate positive change, based in Starbeck, Harrogate.

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