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Latest News

We have received a number of communications from the Bishop of Leeds and the Church of England recently and we are using this guidance in regard to our services at this time.

The Church continues to be very much alive and active, and a full range of our services, events and activities at this time can be found from the main page of our web site or by going to our Holy Trinity Facebook Page  and our Holy Trinity YouTube Channel.

Public worship at Holy Trinity is once again happening, but we are asking people to pre-register before attending.  This can be done by completing the sign-up on the Sunday Service advertised on our Home Page under Upcoming Events. All our services will continue to be available on-line.  The following video explains what visitors to Holy Trinity need to do when coming to a service.


Whatever the situation now and on into the future our worship of God and our care for each other continues.

There are a number of ways to find out our latest news. 

Firstly, look out for e-mails sent from Chris and the Office  – you will receive these if you ordinarily receive the weekly news sheet.  As you know, we previously tried to limit e-mails to one or possibly two messages per week, but with the rapidly changing situation these messages will be more frequent at this time. If you are not currently receiving these e-mail messages and would like to do so please e-mail and we will be able to set this up.

Our Facebook page is being posted to very frequently.  For those on Facebook please like our page and get the latest news.  For those not on Facebook you can still read what is being posted but not respond to posts simply by following this link: Holy Trinity Facebook Page 

Please note we are not using Facebook as a main form of messaging, please continue to use our e-mail address for communication (

Regardless of the above our latest news now follows:

Services and Events

All Services and events can be viewed in the following ways:
Our YouTube channel (Live and recorded)
Our service recordings on this web site.


Of course prayer at this time is most important.  There are many opportunities for you to get involved.  Here are some ways:

Morning Prayer.  Chris and others are committing to saying Morning Prayer at 8:30 am every morning.  There is an open invitation to join in with this act of prayer.  You can either say Morning Prayer at home by going to the Church of England web site where you can find links to all the Daily Office prayers.  If you can pray at the same time as Chris and the team this is great but not absolutely necessary.  If you visit the site you will see there are lots of different times you can pray.  The link to these prayers are here: Daily Office Prayers.  Alternatively, you can join us over a live link - if you would like to do this please contact the Office for details.

Help.  Because of the need to prevent transmission of the Coronavirus we are minimising visits and any support of this nature.  Although we do appreciate the difficulty this poses we must follow the advice coming from the Government.    However, we can help as a line of communication.  Please,  of course, drop an e-mail to and we will then seek to help if we can, or pass on your request for help to the necessary authorities.  You can also leave a message on the office telephone number (01765 690930) – note the office is not open on a regular basis but we will try and listen to the messages left at least once a day.

Our Web Pages Generally  We have left our web page open for the time being.  We appreciate that you may be a new visitor to our webpage and want you to see what we usually have running in terms of services, events and activities.  Once this situation is over we will continue to reach out to the community of Ripon.  We hope and pray that this will not be long in coming.
Please come back here to see further updates or visit our Facebook page. God bless you.
Chris and the Holy Trinity Team