Chat, Chill and Refill  

We're starting a new adventure,  something that's different, something that's unlike what we normally think when we come to church. 
It's about being Christians in the community, listening rather than telling, giving an unthreatening space for people to feel welcome and for them to wonder, it's about conversing humbly with hope.
Perhaps it's easy to say what it's not; it's not a service, it's not singing worship, it's not listening to a sermon or a word, it's not lecturing about the Bible. But it is about sharing simple kindness and compassion in the nane of Christ, welcoming people to be with us, showing the beauty of Christ in the every day. Our church in the community. 
We gather together in Costa, to simply be there and enjoy company. Yes, we'll have music to which to listen as we talk, with singers and musicians and Christian song, and there will be some discrete Christian written word available. But we need you to come and be there, open to listen and to talk and, we hope, have opportunity, if it is right, to share the Word of the Lord. So come if you can. At the very least it'll be coffee with friends!

If you want any more information about this, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Matt Davies on 


Matt Davies, 22/03/2017

 Trinity Life